• Chronic colitis and colic complaints mostly related to difficult or infrequent bowel movement – all symptoms associated with discomfort or pain in the intestines, bloating, rumbling.
    • Disturbances in bowel movements after viral or bacterial infection of the intestine, especially chronic (lasting more than 15 days). The product delivers all the elements necessary for healing of the colon.
    • Conditions after taking antibiotics , which have violated the qualities of the normal intestinal flora.
    • There are data of improvement of the metabolic syndrome (disorder of blood sugar, blood fats, overweight, high blood pressure, oily liver).
The nutritional supplement Butaren®Inu contains calcium and sodium salt of butyric acid and the prebiotic Inulin.  

Inulin is a vegetable probiotic, which is a source of energy for the intestinal microflora. Its intake stimulates and activates bacteria in colon, considerably improving their quantity. Moreover, it helps for the absorption of vitamins and minerals by organism, especially calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and phosphorus, lowers levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as level of glucose in diabetes patients.

Butyric acid has beneficial effects on epithelial (surface) cells of the colon. It is one of the few substances that are directly used by the intestinal cells without passing processing in the liver.

The beneficial actions of butyric acid and insulin are potentiated by the unique combination of both substances in Butaren®Inu. On one hand the growth and quality of cells of the colon are stimulated, and on the other hand, the development of the beneficial intestinal flora is supported. This leads to improvement of activity of the colon, strengthening of the immune system and normalization of the homeostasis. Regular admission of the unique combination of the prebiotic Inulin and the product of the metabolism of beneficial bifidobacteria and lactic bacteria – butyric acid leads to significantly improvement of the condition in case of constipation and even to its complete elimination.


The daily intake of Butaren®Inu is 2 caps. at noon and and 2 caps. in the evening with food.


So far there have been found no contraindications to the use of butyric acid and inulin.


It should be taken into account that high doses of BUTAREN INU®, lead to increased import of sodium, which is important for patients taking diuretics.


So far there have been found no adverse medicine interactions of  BUTAREN INU®.


So far there is no evidence of adverse effects in pregnant and lactating women. Butyric acid is a natural product in breast milk, which has a beneficial effect on the infant. Inulin does not pass through the intestinal barrier and could not pass into breast milk. 


With respect to the inulin there are rare cases of overactivity leading to diarrhea. If not a desired effect, after dosage reduction complaints quickly disappear.