• During and after a prolonged illness, leading to weight loss, loss of strength and appetite, chronic fatigue.
    • Conditions that occur afterchemotherapy or radiation therapy, weight loss, fatigue, intoxication, prolonged diarrhea.
    • Conditions of increased metabolic needs of the body associated with the need for rapid growth or muscle mass, rapid recovery after physical efforts, in case of conditions of increased stress and mental fatigue.
    • There are data of improvement of the metabolic syndrome (disorder of blood sugar, blood fats, overweight, high blood pressure, oily liver). Studies have shown that within one week the insulin sensitivity in patients increases by 300%.
    • Colitis and colic symptoms – all complaints associated with discomfort or pain in the intestines, bloating, rumbling, difficult or infrequent bowel movements.
    • Cars and colic symptoms – all symptoms associated with discomfort or pain in the intestines, bloating, rumbling, frequent diarrhea.
    • Successfully is used in all cases of high levels of ammonia in the blood, which quickly leads to its normalization.
The nutritional supplement contains Butaren®Amino calcium and sodium salt of butyric acid and L-Glutamine.

Glutamine is the amino acid that is found in greatest quantities in skeletal muscles and which is ejected in large quantities during strenuous physical exercises. Excretion of glutamine by muscle tissue enhances the immune system. It also improves function of the gastrointestinal tract, increases the production of glycogen, and in addition, enhances the separation of the ammonia by the kidneys, increases the activity of brain activity.

Butyric acid has beneficial effects on epithelial (surface) cells of the colon. It is one of the few substances that are directly used by the intestinal cells without passing processing in the liver.

The beneficial actions of butyric acid and L-Glutamine are potentiated by the unique combination of both substances in Butaren®Amino. On one hand the growth and quality of cells of the colon are stimulated, and on the other hand, the operation of muscle tissue and metabolism in general are supported. This leads to improvement of activity of the colon, increase of body weight, detoxification and strengthening the immune system, normalization of homeostasis.  strengthening of the immune system and normalization of the homeostasis.

These effects are favorable for conditions and diseases which are associated with increased demands towards the body.


The usual dosage is 3×2 caps. Butaren®Amino daily with food.

For a more expressed effect and rapid achievement of the desired effect, the dose may be increased to 3×3 caps. Butaren®Amino daily with food. 


So far there have been found no contraindications to the use of butyric acid or L-Glutamine.


It should be taken into account that high doses of  BUTAREN®Amino lead to increased import of sodium, which is important for patients taking diuretics. Very high doses of  L-Glutamine, can cause gastrointestinal disorders.  


So far there have been found no adverse drug interactions.


So far there is no evidence of adverse effects in pregnant and lactating women. Butyric acid is a natural product in breast milk, which has a beneficial effect on the infant. Glutamine represents about half of the amino acids in the body and during pregnancy and lactation is necessary for the growth and development of the fetus.


None to our knowledge. None reported.